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Regenerative Organic Stewardship Education


Regenerative Organic

By farming organic regenerative, we utilize cover crops to alleviate compaction and act as our main weed suppressor while building carbon and relinquishing nitrogen to your cash crop. The number one driving factor of our farm is building soil health. In order to continually build soil health we are reducing fuel and synthetic fertilizers.
When you take farming green and incorporate that with building human health, it is a natural fit to move into regenerative organic farming. Want more information? Contact us today!

"If you're not uncomfortable with what you're doing, then you're not trying hard enough to change."
-Rick Clark

Our Values

Our values are founded in faith, family, and farm. We believe that community, human health, land stewardship, and ecosystem health are tightly connected, and we strive to build each of these through our daily activities in the following ways:

Regenerative Organic Land stewardship:

  • We have eliminated all tillage, fertilizers, and pesticides. 

  • We plant diverse cover crops to keep living roots in the soil at all times.

  • We plant pollinator strips and cover crops to provide easy access for pollinators and wildlife to thrive.

  • We frequently rotate our crops (2-3x/year in each field) to improve plant and insect diversity. We have over 7 crops growing on our farm at any one time.

Ecosystem Health:​

  • Clean water: By eliminating external inputs (i.e. fertilizers) and tillage, and planting cover crops, we reduce the amount of pollutants in our waterways. Benefiting local communities and native stream + river ecosystems. 

  • Carbon sequestration: reducing tillage, planting cover crops, and integrating livestock all work to increase the amount of carbon stored in our soils. 

  • Increased diversity: crop rotations, livestock integration, pollinator strips, and cover crops all help native species thrive. 

Human Health:​

  • Research has demonstrated that crops and livestock grown in a regenerative manner is more nutrient dense, meaning there are more nutrients in every ounce of food grown on our farm.

  • Our crops have no pesticide residues to contaminate your food.

  • Improved water and air quality for everyone downstream and downwind.

Consulting Services

Our goal at Farm Green Consulting is to demonstrate how to establish regenerative farming practices on your farm. These practices include cover crops, no-till, chemical and fertilizer management, along with reduction of inputs and transitioning to regenerative organic farming. Listed is a description of what we offer. 

Regenerative. Organic. Stewardship. Education. 
This program is an introduction to Cover Crops and No-Till, while incorporating the reduction of inputs. You will learn how to incorporate farming green, and regenerative organic farming practices on your farm. Rick will help you implement the five principles of soil health and build a system for the future. Rick will also demonstrate how to incorporate cattle into your farming operation. 

Contact Us with questions or inquiries! 

Opportunities with Rick

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